Текстилни торбички

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Торбичките са не само перфектни за рекламни кампании, но също така са и практични за пазаруване и изглеждат страхотно! Перфектен продукт за рекламиране.

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Дължина на дръжки: 67 см

Може да се носи в ръка или на рамо.

Капацитет: 10 литра

Размери: 38 х 42 см

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Tote Bag - Single Print
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Tote bags from HappyPrinting

Make travelling with work or school supplies a little easier by using one of HappyPrinting's tote bags. Treat yourself and your friends to some great tote bags from HappyPrinting today! In the seventeenth century, the term tote or tate was used. 'Tote' means to carry: a tote bag is really just a large bag to carry things. Depending on the shape and size of the bags, tote bags can be used for hundreds of applications. Usually they are used at trade shows, for shopping or to carry everyday items. They are available in different materials and can be printed with your own favorite design. This way you could express yourself through a very nice accessory. We specialise in printing cotton and canvas carrier bags. We can do this in two ways. Depending on your design, we can digitally print and screen print.

Tips for Printing Tote Bags

Printing tote bags is a super economical way to use as merchandise, giveaway or to sell. The best tip for printing totebags is that you ensure a good printable design. We recommend using a minimum of 300 ppi. The higher the resolution, the better your design will print. We recommend that you outline all texts for vector files. We can help you with our various printing techniques and in the design process. For example, in most cases we can increase the resolution of your designs and we can adjust some parts so that you get the best result. In most cases we do this for free.

Reasons to print tote bags

1. Timeless
You have them in different qualities, types and sizes. Cotton bags can be worn anytime and almost anywhere and they remain popular at all times. It makes your outfit complete.

2. Functionality
tote bags can be fashionable but also very functional. Tote bags are large and roomy. This way you can take everything you need that day with you, for example if you go to the beach for a day. Or if you simply go shopping. Do you no longer need the bag? Then you fold it back together.

3. Versatility
There are hundreds of uses for a tote bag. They can be used for anything. They can be used as shopping bags, gym bag, beach bag, school bag, laptop bag, gift bags and so on. Tote bags are not designed for anything specific so you can use them for whatever you want.

4. Variations
There are many different versions of the bags. In addition, you can adapt the bags to all your wishes at Katoenentasbedruk.nl. They are available in materials such as canvas or cotton and they are made in different colors and patterns. You can completely personalize them to your own taste. We will then print them for you.

5. Durable and environmentally friendly
Since last year, free plastic bags are no longer allowed. Many stores have stopped offering plastic bags and are opting for alternatives more often. The reuse of bags is also encouraged. Printing and ordering tote bags can be very sustainable. They last for years.

6. Price
The canvas bag or tote bag printing is cheap to purchase. They often cost no more than a few euros. You can also order them in full color for a very competitive price.

7. Original
and fun gift idea Having a tote bag printed can not only be fun for yourself, it is also extremely suitable to give away as a gift. Tote bags are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Having this printed with a matching own design makes a fun and original gift.

8. They are comfortable
The bag owes its name to the verb "tote" which means "to carry" - they couldn't have given it a better name.

9. It can be worn by both women and men
If you're one of those guys who thinks tote bags are just effeminate, then why are you even reading this post? Just kidding of course! Tote bags are also great to wear as a man I can tell you.


Tote bags make the best gifts for friends and family

Tote bags made of special memories make excellent gifts to share with loved ones. Whether you're celebrating their birthday, the holidays, or any special occasion, a collection of tote bags is the perfect gift idea. The hassle-free piece of custom wall art gives your recipient the ability to decorate their walls with no commitment necessary. For more photo gifts that showcase their favorite photo prints, consider designing canvas prints or making the best photo magnets for your loved ones, they'll cherish for years to come.



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Миск Профешънъл

Изключително професионално отношение! Благодарим!




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Simeon Penev

Използвах услугата им за изработка на визитка. Качеството наистина е топ! (...)




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Emil Kottas

Много коректна и качествена услуга.


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